What is Stroud LETS?

Who are LETSystems for?

LETSystems are for anyone who wants to use them!

Many people are ready to express an opinion on this topic, but they often have underlying assumptions that LETS only works for the middle class/the green lobby/businesses/ minorities/poor people/rich people/whoever. The rational is that the people who are using LETSystems are not like 'us', so 'we' cannot, or 'we' will not, use such a system.

With the increasing diversity of applications, this exclusive attitude is being transformed into a more inclusive one.

We refrain from identifying ourselves completely with poverty issues, or rural issues, or community issues etc, because LETS can be used to address all these. Development in one area can support development in other areas. There is no conflict of interest, no need for insularity.
The act of forming mutually beneficial trading relationships is not a function of geography, race or class. LETSystems work best where people want to participate. What matters is the enthusiasm and abilities of the individual participants, together with the accessibility and transparency of the systems.

Do LETSystems work better for people who have an adequate amount of money, or for people who have little money?

LETSystems work for everyone who uses money and could use some more!

The state of a person's bank balance is not as relevant as the ability to trade. Does (s)he have time available? Is (s)he willing to devote skills and energy to trade with others?

Of course, there are often costs that cannot be met on the system and will have to be paid for with cash in the normal way. Replacement parts for repairs, for example. Even then, you should find it possible to make your cash go further.

Why use a LETSystem when you have cash and credit?

For most of us, cash is hard-won and even harder to hold onto and credit consumes even more cash

Money, cash or credit, is in limited supply. But the internal currency of a LETSystem is never in short supply, since the LETSystem money is issued as and when it is required.

The money issued within a LETSystem can only be spent within that system. It therefore stays within the trading community, going round and round, supporting further trading as it goes.

LETSystems accounts are very cost-effective and more affordable than a bank or credit card account. No interest is charged on, or is payable to, accounts. This reduces costs and encourages people to keep spending, since there is no benefit in 'hoarding' positive balances.

Because LETSystem units (also known as 'Strouds', symbol '$') cannot be spent outside the LETSystem, they do not have the same spending power as cash, but they provide a system that is supplementary to cash, not alternative to it. As a result, those people who use LETSystems can reduce their cash outgoings, and make their hard-earned pennies go further.

What is Stroud LETS ?

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