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Stroud LETS Allotment

Producing fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit for the Stroud LETS Community

allotment after Lets took it on

allotment before The uncultivated, overgrown allotment as it was in March 1999 when The LETS Allotment Team took on the uncultivated, overgrown site. We are very pleased with the continuing progress illustrated below, especially as we only have one regular allotment work day per week.
Rhubarb and strawberries growing on the newly cleared allotment in May 1999 SOUTHERLY VIEW
rhubarb and strawberries The LETS Allotment with potatos, green and red lettuce, Swiss chard, neetroot, rhubarb and spinach. Naturally, we use organic and biodynamic methods on the allotment.
Comfrey plants, which are used biodynamically as fertiliser, providing naturally grown nutriment for the other plants cultivated on the allotment. comfrey
strawberries we have been growing: strawberries (pictured left), rhubarb, red & white onions, leeks, Swiss chard, spinach, two varieties of white potato, pink fir apple potato, large green pumpkins, jack-be-little
green & red lettuce, Sweetcorn,
with courgette & pumpkin in the background
young beetroot with green lettuce in the foreground
courgette & marrow
evening primrose flowers
ox-eye daisies


If you would like to help on the Allotment, and are a member of Stroud LETS, you are most welcome to come and join in with a Friday Work Morning - the current rate of pay is 5 $trouds per hour. We are at the allotment from 9.30am to 12.30pm every Friday, this year starting 1st March 2002. The Stroud LETS Allotment is situated in the South-Western corner of the Summer Street Allotment Field. For directions and more information please contact Nick Wier or Shiela Macbeth.

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